Want to experience something else? See other parts of South Africa?

Agritourism is basically where agriculture and tourism intersect, as farms and ranches invite the public onto their property to experience the out of doors, the leisure pace, and the healthy and nutritious produce that is only possible when it is fresh picked at the peak of perfection.

Agritourism, one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry, includes visits to working farms, ranches, wineries and agricultural industries. Agri-destinations offer a huge variety of entertainment, education, relaxation, outdoor adventures, shopping and dining experiences.

Visiting a farm, ranch or winery offers wonderful, unique experiences. Picking your own peaches or apples in a beautiful orchard, roping a calf or stomping grapes are just a few of the fun and fabulous activities waiting for you.

People want a new experience – an escape from the stress of traffic jams, office cubicles and carpooling!Parents want their children to know how food is grown and that milk actually comes from a cow – not a carton! Families enjoy a drive to the country and spending the day together, especially in these times.
Most of us have a farm somewhere on our family tree. Maybe our parents were raised on a farm, or we have fond memories of spending summers on our grandparents’ farms. Agritourism rekindles the positive emotions from these family visits

Today, most family farms face serious economic challenges from foreign competition and large, corporate farms. Their earnings on commodities and livestock may not even cover production costs. But farmers who sell directly to the public – through fruit stands and farm country stores – and also add special activities for visitors, find they can continue farming and make a profit. Agritourism is actually saving thousands of small farms from extinction.

So on your next trip to South Africa, be sure to do your bit of Agritourism.


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