Responsible Traveler – You need to ask yourself what are the key things that travellers need to know when it comes to being responsible on their journeys around the world.

Few people actually go out of their way to be irresponsible, after all, but sometimes we just need a few reminders about how to get things right while on the road. Responsible tourism is all about leaving a positive impact on not only the environment but also the people who live in the places we choose to visit. The result being not only a more ethical and responsible trip when it comes to travellers’ impacts but also a more authentic, exciting and culturally immersive one for them too.

Plan your route to minimise carbon emissions – travel by train where possible, minimise internal flights and use other public transport methods when necessary. If you are booking your trip through a travel company that only connects with airports, ask them if they will support you in helping organise train travel and sorting out your transits from train stations when you arrive and depart. And if you have to fly, book direct flights avoiding transfers and stay for longer, taking fewer and longer holidays if you like.

Read up on local cultures and learn a few words of the local language – travelling with respect earns you respect. It is amazing how far asante (Swahili), dhanyavad (Hindi) and shukran (Arabic) will get you.

Remove all excess packaging. Although we all like to treat ourselves to bits and pieces before we travel, be aware that in many places recycling, or waste disposal full stop, is tricky. So leave packaging at home. And, even better, consider buying some things when you are there, thereby also supporting the local economy.

Travel environmental friendly, therefore, bring enviro-friendly products with you! Be sure to read up on some cultural history, and visit those places that expose you to that culture!

Experience a ritual or do something crazy!

Save, responsible travels!!!

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