When visiting Gamagara Safari Lodge in Kathu, Northern Cape, you will find that this is the perfect place to start or continue your photography journey.

Interesting enough, the largest part of the Northern Cape falls within the Nama-Karoo biome with a vegetation of low shrublands, grass and trees limited to water courses. So, when visiting our part of the country, we offer spectacular views. From the most interesting fauna and flora, to luxury accommodation and splendid cuisine.

On an average day, you might want to get up at the break off dawn, breath in the freshness of the morning and witness an amazing sunrise. On your way, you will see a wide variety of wildlife. A feast for a photographer. Running Oryx, grazing buffalo’s, pronking Springbucks and the elegant Kudu.  You might also see the long legged Giraffes! Moving oh so gracefully! Everything the everyday stuck-in-the-city photographer would dream off.

You will see some amazing birdlife at the drinking holes. Spend some time in various waterholes, will give you the opportunity to relax, take your time and get the best pictures there is to take.

When we welcome you back to the lodge area, there will be fine cuisine for you to enjoy! Our in-house chef will treat you at every location. The lodge and entertainment area, well suited for you to relax and unwind, before exploring the ranch further. There is plenty of new born game around, which is perfect to capture. Nothing more beautiful than a mother and a baby.

Going on a late afternoon drive, focusing on the bigger picture, you will see large Camelthorn trees, one of our own characteristics. These trees are a big part of the history of the suburbs. It makes a beautiful picture. They have wide spread branches and some so old with a lot of character written all over their branches.

We stop at a high point, with a table of snacks and drinks waiting for you, so your eyes and camera could feast on what’s happening before your eyes. A beautiful sunset! One you could capture on a camera, but the memory is burned into your mind forever!

We then have prepared a “veld braai” for you. A Dinner under the stars, in the middle of nature. Hear the Zebra’s high-pitched yip, the chirp of the social weavers, and the wind through the trees.  A truly unique experience.

So come and visit Gamagara Safari Lodge, with your camera, and enjoy a dream safari with loads of photo opportunities!









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