Travelling can be a tricky business if you have an eco-conscience. From flying to staying in luxury hotels, our choices can mean battering the local and global environment.

But enjoying travel needn’t be guilt-inducing, and ecotourism needn’t be a drag.Ecotourism doesn’t have to mean staying in a mud hut in the middle of a forest. Urban, city breaks can also be green. Start by heading to one of the greenest cities. Stay in eco-accommodation and travel by foot and local transport instead of taxi.

Forget the duty free and shop local. Buy local produce from markets (saves on unnecessary packaging and supports local farms) and buy handcraft souvenirs to support trade. Just be wary about what you’re buying: indulging in an ivory knick knack or alligator skin bag could defeat the point.

Every effort makes a difference when it comes to the environment, so stop and think about the little things. Opt not to have your room serviced to save on water (washing towels and sheets) and electricity. If there’s no recycling, take redundant packaging home and recycle. Consider the locals and treat your surroundings with respect. Lastly, think about your food choices on holiday… for example, endangered fish is a no no!

There’s been a boom in green accommodation in recent years leaving the eco-conscience spoilt for choice. Be careful about what you opt for, however, as not every hotel boasting green credentials is as innocent as it seems.

So be an eco-traveller! Leave green footprint everywhere you go!!!

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