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A place that could be visited when you come to Gamagara Safari Lodge is the Witsand Nature Reserve in the Northern Cape. It is an exceptional eco-destination featuring geological and climatic anomalies that cause the desert sand to ‘roar’. This natural attraction is one of the Green Kalahari’s best-kept secrets. The birding here is exceptional, and you’ll see plenty of dry land wildlife.

According to some legend has it the dunes only roar in the months spelled with an ‘R’.

Against the rust-red sands of the Kalahari, the ‘roaring’ white sand dunes of Witsand Nature Reserve are a mysterious natural phenomenon.

These pale dunes are believed to have emerged from an isolated range of hillocks buried beneath the sand, from which springs a natural reservoir that, over millions of years, has gradually leached the red-oxide from the dunes, turning them white.

Known as Witsands’ Roaring Sands or Brulsand, their countless millions of grains of sand rub together to emit a deep reverberating hum. For this natural phenomenon to occur, very hot and dry conditions are necessary, so although Witsand, in the Kalahari is warm all year round, summer is the best time to experience this extraordinary sand chorus. More of a rumble than a roar, one must be within close proximity of the dunes to hear their unique sound.

Another natural phenomenon here are the summer thunderstorms where lightning frequently strikes the white sand dunes – due to the high water table and elevation of the dunes – creating fulgurites, which are glass-like tubes of sand.

A self-drive or guided trip to the Roaring Sands is just one of the tours offered at Witsand Nature Reserve. The park supports a wealth of small mammals, including meerkats, pangolins and aardvarks. There are also large antelope like red hartebeest, springbok, kudu and gemsbok. During a night game drive, guests may chance upon the porcupine, aardwolf, bat-eared fox, Cape fox, genet, springhare and owl. Guided star gazing tours among the dunes are another highlight, courtesy of the Northern Cape’s vast, unpolluted skies.

Though Witsand in the Kalahari appears sparsely vegetated, 3 major arid region and bushveld vegetation types converge here, attracting over 170 species of birds. The reserve offers a botanical meander where guests can learn more about Witsand’s endemic and indigenous flora.

An ideal destination to unwind and appreciate unspoiled nature at a relaxed pace, Witsand Nature Reserve will also satisfy adventure enthusiasts. There are challenging 4×4 routes, hiking trails, cycle trails and dune boards for rent.

Whether visiting for the photographic opportunities, or in the hope of experiencing Witsand’s famed Roaring Sands, guests are assured of an unusual and unforgettable stay.

Indeed an interesting place to visit, only one of a few place that will take your breath away in the Northern Cape Province!!!

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