Focus on responsible travel, the whole bigger picture, not just the tourism part!!

There are a few other things one should look at:

Go digital – Using technology to Avoid Waste

  • Travel information is now readily available on the web; avoid expensive glossy brochures that will go to waste or have to be recycled.
  • When printing airline, hotel, car rental confirmations, or other online travel documents, print only the relevant pages for check-in. Terms and Conditions can be saved in your computer
  • Purchase electronic tickets for airline travel whenever possible and use mobile technology for boarding passes where available.
  • Ask for invoices to be emailed instead of having a paper receipt. You can print them home if needed or view them on a mobile device.

Taking pictures responsibly – Thoughtful Ways to Create Guilt Free Memories


  • Take photos in a sensitive way by being informed of local peoples’ attitudes towards being photographed.
  • Learn about the culture’s traditions or superstitions, and always ask for permission, before pressing the shutter.
  • Money may be expected. Establish a price before you take the photos to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings.
  • Places of worship, museums, memorials, cemeteries and historical sites may have policies on picture taking which may not be clearly displayed. Always ask the attendant.
  • Airports, military bases, and government buildings may be interesting to photograph but are generally off limits. Taking photos in these places may be punished harshly. It is not worth the trouble. Ask first.
  • Consider if the person being photographed could be put in peril with local authorities in countries that may have sensitive political and religious conditions.
  • Children are wonderful subjects, but always ask the parents for permission first.

While You Are There

You have arrived and now the fun starts. It is in the destination where the traveller has the most impact on the environment and local community. Therefore, keeping a few things in mind while enjoying your vacation will go a long way to make your visit green.

Consider what you can do while:

  • Staying at your hotel
  • Sightseeing and taking excursions
  • Eating
  • Shopping
  • Taking photographs

The overall tourism impact can also be measured by:

  • How your environmental impact in the area you are visiting can be minimised.
  • How you can support and encourage the destination to preserve its socio-cultural authenticity.
  • How your expenditure can benefit the local economy.

So, whenever of wherever you go, be sure to check all the boxes to make sure you are a responsible traveller! With that being said, enjoy every moment!! Don’t be so responsible that you take the fun out of you amazing journey!




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