If you are starting to plan your next trip, there is always a few things that you should keep in mind!

When visiting South Africa, you can always start to plan your trip according to the weather and what it is you want to do here. Our summer and winter temperatures differ quite a bit from each other so be specific in your planning and what you would like!!

Depend on where you are from, be and early bird and get all the travel documents ready. Be sure your passport is still valid. Get some travel insurance in place and book that ticket!!! Now there is no turning back!!! Time to look forward to a great adventure!!!

Please remember to pack all your prescription medications and be sure to pack enough. Also take your prescribed glasses and sunglasses with you. Keep them in your hand luggage as it may come in handy in you need them at airport or on your way to your destination.

The most essential to bring with you is your camera and binoculars. Binoculars is a MUST for wildlife viewing, it brings you so much closer to the beauty of nature and the animals!!

Africa is a photographer’s dream. There is boundless wildlife that comes in all shapes and sizes but the continent is also blessed with the most stunning landscapes, colourful people and fabulous light!

Travel light. Don’t pack heaps of clothes that you are not going to wear!!! Most of the places that you are going to stay will have laundry services. Pack clothes that is appropriate for your visit!! I mean, no need to bring an evening dress when you go on a wildlife safari, right???

Think about packing a bandanna or cotton scarf and a sarong. They might just be the most useful and versatile items you take on safari.

The normal odd things is always good. Your cell phone charger, maybe and African power adapter, some earphones. Maybe a book if you would like to read a bit! You could always invest in a book about the part of Africa that you are visiting, get on top of history, nice places to visit and such.

Also, get a nice diary, pencil down those nice memories you’ve made along the way! A mind is a fabulous thing, but you can’t always remember the small moments. Those moment that unsuspectedly took your breath away! And is always nice to go home and share those memories with loved ones and friends.

But the most important thing is to remember to have a good time, laugh at yourself if necessary and breath in every moment!! Going on a safari is all about new experiences, new people and places. Remember to embrace every moment, take millions of pictures and life in the moment!!

Enjoy our next safari or trip and safe travels!!!!


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