The meaning of responsible tourism is quite an easy one. It’s about ensuring that the rights and needs of all those working to create or support your holiday are respected.

So when visiting a country rich in culture and diversity, always remember to show respect to both the people and the environment.

Then there is the question on whether flying is clean or not? While there’s no denying that flying is an important contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, not flying has its impact too. Aviation directly creates more than 8 million jobs around the world. A world without it would be much poorer. Not surprisingly, it is those destinations that are most in need of money from tourism spend which would suffer the most. Bear in mind that there are ways of flying more responsibly – pick direct routes, use airlines that have environmental commitments, and consider offsetting. So although you might pick up some critics on flying, there is always options to choose an airline that uses the clean route!

Don’t believe the myth that it is more expensive to travel responsibly. You don’t have to pay a premium to be responsible!

But one thing you can be sure of is that being responsible in the way you travel, will definitely benefit you and you will get better value for your money, as well as the places you visit!!

Travellers are, generally, curious people. And so they have plenty of questions, especially when it comes to responsible tourism.

Going on holiday should always be exciting. The escape, the exploration and, of course, the welcome rest. A responsible holiday is no exception. When you take a responsible holiday you are ensuring that the money you spend stays locally, which might mean staying in a family owned lodge on the edge of a lake, instead of a multinational chain behind gates. Discovering eclectic eateries which not only source their food close to home but also celebrate local cuisine as part of their culture.  Or going kayaking with a local guide, who shares all his local secret spots. You won’t get that on a cruise liner. It’s all about getting the full experience from the local people. To get to know them and experience their world through their world.

Also, it means taking care of the nature and the surroundings. A responsible tourism holiday also means being switched on to our impact on the landscapes and seascapes we visit. So plan your trip accordingly. Make sure to take the road with less impact on nature and landscapes.

We all have the responsibility to treasure what we have or where we go, otherwise, we soon will have no place to take our children. Or we will have no history to tell them and no place to show them the true culture there is to see.

So let’s be responsible during our next trip, let’s make a difference and let’s make sure our kids have  a future and some place to go to!!

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