Just a little bit of history to begin with. The Northern Cape is the biggest province in South Africa, with the most unique places and wide open spaces that you can possibly imagine. The province was created in 1994, when the Cape Province was separated. The capital of the province is Kimberley.

The beauty of the Northern Cape lies in the outstanding places that one can visit when you travel through the Northern Cape. To name just a few, there is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a national treasure that is shared with Botswana. Here you will find wildlife, birdlife and amazing dunes to express the openness of the Northern Cape. If you travel further you will find the roaring Augrabies Waterfalls – indeed a place of Great Noise – as it is called by the Koi people. This waterfall is 240m deep and runs for 18km. With some spectacular look out points, and maybe a fine mist of water to cool you down, this is definitely a place that you would want to visit!

The major river system that flows through the Northern Cape is called the Orange River, and this is also the longest river in South Africa. When you are visiting that specific part of the Northern Cape, feel free to take a break for a day or so and book into our sister lodge, Thuru Lodge. A place of tranquillity and peace, you can unwind and relax before exploring the Northern Cape some more.

The beauty of the Northern Cape is in its diversity. When you travel toward Kathu or Kuruman, you will enter a world of mining. If you don’t know the impact of mining or the procedures that needs to be followed, this is quite an interesting stop. During the drive, you can see the mining grounds, and in the evening it lights up like a small town. A feast of lights.

Once you are here, you are sure to stop at Gamagara Safari Lodge, were we will strive to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. We offer game drives to show you the beauty of nature, sunsets that will stun you and to finish it all off, cuisine that will leave you in a place close to heaven!!

If you are a golf enthusiast, you will be more than satisfied with the Sishen Golf Klub in Kathu. A natural golf course that was created and planned around the majestic camelthorn trees.

This is only but a small part of the beauty of the Northern Cape. There is so much to explore and discover. If you ever feel like the explorer in you wants to get out, please do visit our beautifull province, you will be delighted in what it has to offer.

Indeed a province of culture, beautiful nature, agriculture, mining and so much more.

The Northern Cape is definitely a province unique in its diversity!!!!

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